Wednesday, January 26, 2011


native american smoked salmon

I was sitting in my easy chair, listening to my Bob Dylan and trying to think of easy appetizers and how my ex Jamie (who is Jewish) forced/made me eat some of her LOX and bagels w cream cheese and red onion when i was around 20 years old. I would wake up hazy, looking for some water or milk and i get bagel,smoked salmon, raw red onion and this FREAKED me out. It appeared to be a standard breakfast on at least the weekends at her house. I have tried it several times since I was 18, The  most memorable variation i had were in different forms like SUSHI! aka THE JAPANESE BAGEL as she called it one day to me, HER being from the Baltimore and Frederick Maryland and D.C. region of eastern U.S. I believe its more called the Philadelphia Roll(recipe)where I'm from and in NYC. In any of the cases its only reference to the worlds best bagels (arguably i know) which are made in the above mentioned cities and surrounding areas. I found i like this MUCH better probably because its more mild and is 'traditionally' made w NOVA SCOTIA LOX which is different and more mild than other smoked salmon due to the fact that it is cold smoked and in a light BRINE (salt is what makes it a brine) and not smoked like the Native Americans did and still do in northern California...whole fish are speared and put around a fire. Also the sushi rolls have cucumber and sometimes avocado which helps mellow out the fishiness that i never cared for.
I was racking my brain for a faster and different way to produce something similar but without having to cook the sushi rice and roll it which start to finish take more than a half hour and i thought about using the

LAVASH BREAD a Middle Eastern flat bread that i love and thought of 2 ways to make some quick variations of these see Lavash bread in circular form and in these rectangular forms which is ideal for these two ideas...a roll up wheels and a pizza!!

The first, a roll up could be called the 'middle eastern jewish bagel' and involves (this is my take and recipe) spreading creme fraich (like a sour cream),red onions and chives,  and your favorite, cold smoke and brined (and peppered if ya can find it!) salmon and some capers and  rolling it up like a small thin roll, then you would use toothpicks to pin them down this way in one inch pieces and cut them so look like what is to the right (though this is not the pix...i didnt have the ingredients....and thats it!!!! i could produce 10 rolls (eight pieces per roll) in 10 minutes!

         The second is a pizza. for this you could do this on a grill or in an oven that you are now going to preheat to 450. Instead of using cream cheese i will use my favorite goat cheese, CHEVRE and i smash it all over the lavash bread and sprinkle with minced red onions and capers (optional, but essential for me!!)  and put it either on a greased cookie can fit 2 or maybe 3 pieces of bread on it...and put it in the oven for 5 minutes, take it out and get it off the cookie sheet fast so it doesnt turn into crackers! and top with your favorite brined cold smoked salmon (you can find it in most organic shops like Whole Foods) and cut into 2 halves and enjoy!!!! This goes to Jamie and her daughter Cassidy who love this .Cass would put smoked eel on hers too!!.her son Dakota never liked weird stuff like this and probably still doesn't huh girl?
There you have it, 2 really quick appetizers for all you's (for Fran!) Jewish Lox and Bagel lovers!!

A variation for me? i would top the pizza with some really nice basil ribbons and Prosciutto.

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