Friday, November 12, 2010

shrooms of life, fungus among us....

mushrooms....fungus...oh yea baby.....either loved or hated by people depending how well you can cook them..The basic principals of sauteing the fungus that is full of niacin and a chemical called 'glutamic acid' that combined with the salt enhances your salvitory glands and delivers such a beautiful punch of flavor straight to your 'hopefully' educated palate. Mushrooms i find are like a nice aged cheese (especially blue cheese!)
as both deliver a delicious 'earthy' flavor solo in and around and with ANY protein.

For this i used some GHEE (clarified butter), but sometimes i use a 'half and half' blend of butter and olive oil....brought till the oil just begins to let out wisps of smoke then i saute' on high, salting and fresh grinds of black pepper......after a minute or 2 I then toss or stir.(not too much though you want them to brown nicely) After about 5 minutes the shrooms give out much of their liquid and if you see brown bits (aka 'fond' or foundation)
sticking to the bottom of yer heavy bottom pan then hit it with brandy, veg or chicken broth for maximum flavor and turn off the heat once most or all of the liquid evaporates. then i marinade/hold them in olive oil and add a little olive brine left over from the olive bar olives i always have in the fridge...i marinade them w olives, feta cheese and roasted red peppers and pickled pepperincinis and minced garlic....keeps good in the fridge for  at least 2 weeks because of the salt and oil from the marinade..... this i put in any dish...especially cheap cuts of chicken thighs and pork loin scraps and stirred into my brown basmatti rice!!

from the website
Mushrooms are good sources of three essential B-vitamins: riboflavin, niacin and pantothenic acid. Mushrooms are a particularly rich source of riboflavin: one portabella mushroom takes care of nearly one-third our RDA; a serving of white or crimini mushrooms supplies one-quarter of what we need daily."

if you remember not liking mushrooms, you must try them again, cooked differently to fully understand the type and most food tastes differently as your taste buds change and grow as we grow. Let there be fungus among us.
AN IMPORTANT TIP..ONLY BUY FROM REPUTABLE DEALERS, WASH WILD MUSHROOMS BUT IF YOU SEE NO SIGNS OF DIRT ON COMMERCIAL SHROOMS..(such as white button and crimini's) THEY MOST LIKELY have been cleaned keep them dry.. If you have dirty shrooms, then wash them gently and dry them with towels before the big SAUTE' dont want to saute wet fungus (water and hot oil get along so nice!).not as good trust me. once you discover the difference between real sauteed shrooms and the canned mushrooms they put on many pizzas, you will never go back to canned stuff i can promise you!!!


one of my favorite way to eat these brined mushrooms is to use some fresh lunchmeat like salami, roast beef or turkey to pick up and consume your edible fungus.   ;-)

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